St. Mark’s Square - Basilica San Marco

St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica.
Political representation and political practice.

Im ehemaligen Zentrum der politischen und zivilen Macht Venedigs besuchen wir die Monumente, die den Markus-Platz berühmt machten: die Markuskirche, den Dogenpalast und das Gefängnis, durch die Seufzerbrücke miteinander verbunden.

The 'Golden Basilica'— that takes its name from the millions of gold-leaf mosaic tiles that line its soaring walls— was originally created as the Doge’s Chapel. It was the site of splendid rites and processions; still today it is a glorious synthesis of Byzantine and Western art. Next to it stands the grand Doge’s Palace, the former seat of the government and residence of the Doge (head of state), the Palace of Justice, and the Prisons. As we wander the impressive halls, splendidly decorated by Venetian Renaissance masters, we’ll trace the most important events of Venetian history and learn the fascinating story behind the myth of the political perfection of Venice.