Slow Venice - Cristina Gregorin,  author and guide-lecturer

Cristina Gregorin
Author and Guide-Lecturer

I’m Cristina, and I would love to show you my Venice. I specialize in offering a multifaceted experience of Venice, given at a slower pace; one that incorporates the history and the stories of this singular city in a way that brings the past alive introduces you to its traditions, both past, and present, and also acquaints you with aspects of Venice that are developing even today.

I’ve been an authorized guide since 1991, have lived in and loved this city for decades, and have a doctoral degree (with majors in history and foreign languages). That means I can offer not only personalized, entertaining, and informative visits to museums and churches, but also introduce you to the Venice most visitors have little time to discover, its unique construction, its curious, captivating places, the history that lies at every angle of every calle.

I have a deep interest in Venetian arts and crafts—a subject that’s always fascinated me, and I’m the author of the book, Venice Master Artisans, along with a book about the gardens of Venice and a guide-book about the Protestant movements in Venice and the reaction of the Inquisition.

In 2020 I also published a novel with Garzanti Publishing House. It's a story of historical fiction that plays in Trieste during the Second World War and today.

This passion for different materials and handicrafts as well as for unorthodox thinking brought me to become more involved with contemporary art, of which Venice is becoming an important center in Italy, thanks to institutions like the Biennale and foundations like the Guggenheim, Pinault, Prada. Through them, I have also discovered many contemporary artists who have chosen Venice in which produce their work.

If the current art scene is of particular interest to you, please visit my website on the subject at

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