Venetian Rococo - Ca' Rezzonico

Venetian Rococo: Ca’ Rezzonico and the Carmini

When the Rezzonico family – one of the wealthiest in 18th century Venice – acquired their aristocratic title, they built a palazzo to reflect their new status, and because they were able to commissionthe best artists of the time they made Ca’ Rezzonico one of the most ornate and formidable examples of Venetian Rococo.

Renovated when it became a museum, it retains much of its former splendor and hosts paintings and frescoes by Canaletto, Giambattista Tiepolo, his son Gian Domenico, and Rosalba Carriera among others. In addition, it houses almost perfectly preserved antique furniture from several different Venetian collections, stuccoworks, chandeliers, and rich tapestries.

The 18th century Scuola dei Carmini, a former religious sisterhood, owns one of the most important cycles of oil canvases by Giambattista Tiepolo; in addition, the interior decoration is still intact, demonstrating how even religious subjects at the time were depicted theatrically, with highly dramatic poses and gestures.

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Venetian Rococo - Carmini

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