Venetian Lagoon Excursion - view of the lagoon

The Blue-Green Lagoon

This Venetian Lagoon excursion takes us to the beginnings of Venice, when, after the fall of the Roman Empire, citizens sought shelter from the invading barbarians in the largely inaccessible swamps of the lagoon.

Torcello, believed to be the first settlement and once a prosperous emporium, has a thousand-year-old cathedral with impressive mosaics (especially noteworthy is the Last Judgment) of the 12th and 13th centuries revealing its past wealth. Five minutes away by boat is Burano, a typical Mediterranean fishing village known for its colorful houses, an irresistible scene for any photographer. In the past, the island was famous for its lace production continued today by only a few women. From time to time they can still be seen pursuing their tatting outdoors, in the tranquility of a small corner space.

The name Murano has been synonymous with high-quality glass since the Middle Ages. Still today some manufactories are internationally renowned for their fine glass production. After a walk along the canal of the glassblowers, where you can explore shops and see the wide variety of types of glassworks, we’ll visit the 12th-century church of San Donato, especially famous for its gorgeous marble floor mosaics. If desired, we can also visit one of the oldest furnaces on the island to witness the actual blowing of hot glass.

During the lagoon tour, we can also discuss current issues (floods, dams, construction of artificial islands) facing the lagoon.

Venetian Lagoon Excursion - Burano

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