Art and Architecture in Venice - San Giorgio

Art & Architecture of the Sacred: Churches from Renaissance to Neoclassic

In this walk, we visit the creations of three great architects – Palladio, Longhena, Massari – that have helped define the unique Venetian landscape. With the harmonious proportions of his Renaissance church on the Island of San Giorgio, Andrea Palladio altered the Byzantine and Gothic appearance of Venice and introduced a new appreciation of classical architecture.

Longhena's glorious Santa Maria della Salute, built to commemorate the end of Venice’s last plague in the 17th century and is the city's most striking example of Venetian Baroque.

Giorgio Massari designed the 18th-century neoclassical church of Santa Maria dei Gesuati, located on the Zattere promenade, which exhibits Massari's nostalgia for Palladio and the „golden age“ of the Renaissance.