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Over the centuries, Venice has been described as one of the most "touristed" cities in the world. And, perhaps, the most touristed. But never as much as now. Today more travelers than ever before come to see the art of Venice; the museums that lie within the city, which is itself a museum. They come, too, to eat its distinctive foods; to fall in love with its inimitable setting. And, as always, in search of objects to take home, they also come to find its singular craftsmen.

Venetian Pearls

Silks, Perfumes, Stationery, Hats and much more.

Today even the best of the fine artisans have increasing competition from cheap lookalike imitators, the number of which has grown along with tourism. For that reason, more than ever before, it is important to be guided during your shopping expedition by a person who knows the extraordinary craftspeople and designers who remain and still thrive.

I will help you find best of every craft, from hand-printed silks and hand-made velvets; can lead you to perfumes whose fragrance last filled the air when Renaissance women wore them; direct you to custom-made shoes and hand bags; find you exquisite business and calling cards made with ancient carved wooden printing blocks on antique presses; introduce you to marbleized paper and other kinds of hand laid stationery; to brass or bronze door knockers; carved wooden picture frames; hats—panama, cloche, and gondolier; to jewelry in styles both ancient and modern, made from precious stones and centuries-old glass beads as well as of plastics, resins… Venice provides a spectacular setting for any merchandise.

There is so much more, too. Just tell me what you seek.  

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A Shopping Tour of Murano

Murano is a tiny island north of Venice where for many hundreds of years the art of glass was continuously refined and improved for a very demanding local and international clientele. It was here that glass blowing, lamp-work, sculpture, ribbed glass, aventurine with gold threads running through, engraving, millefiori, milk glass or lattimo, filigree, murine, enamel painted, were developed. Other countries imitated the great achievements of the Venetian Glassblowers from the time of the Renaissance, and it is not different today. If you want to take home glass that embodies the brilliance of the best done here, it is best to have a guide, both to avoid buying imitations and to find your way around the many factories on the island. The large amount of glassware on offer can confuse you. 

A shopping tour of Murano begins with the visit to the Glass School, Abate Zanetti, a destination for international as well as Italian students who wish to take courses on techniques and in methods of traditional and contemporary artistic glassmaking. Important Venetian glass masters teach here and many works of art are on sale directly from the school.

The tour will be designed, according to the time the customer has available and the kind of glass in which he or she is interested, traditional or contemporary or both. The range is from tableware to art glass pieces. Note that on request and according to their availability, it is possible to visit the ateliers of some of the most renowned artists, as well as companies that sell the works of individual artisans. We can also go to glass furnaces that make their own wares. It is possible to visit 4 to 5 locations in 4 hours. If you love glass, you will find this tour an unforgettable experience! 

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We can discuss in email the kind of shops you would like to see. I will take care of all the arrangements, including transportation. The cost for a 4 hour shopping tour is 250,- euros. 

About me: please see the article in Conde Nast Traveller at the following link and also the information on my website, which you will find here.

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